Projection Mapping - Transcending the opportunities of traditional productions.

Optical illusions and virtual worlds appear real thanks to projection mapping. Static objects can be projected with content in order to showcase a product at its very best. This is an ideal solution for launching a new product or repositioning a brand. When applying projection mapping onto building facades, the static nature of architecture can be brought magically to life. Traditional events are transformed into extraordinary experiences thanks to 360° room projection technology.

One of the benefits of this technique is the material cost saving. We can get the very best out of small rooms. Whether used as a marketing tool or to create virtual worlds, Habegger offers comprehensive support and expertise throughout your planning and implementation phases.

Our project phases

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  • Creation
  • Conception
  • Planning
  • Realisation
Your projects

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  • Public Event
  • Product Presentation
  • Customer Event
  • Sport Event
  • Exhibition
  • Showroom
  • Experience Zone

Are you planning a mapping?

Execution example - St. Galler Festival

The St. Galler Festspiele is a cultural festival, which takes place every year in June/July. On purpose, this event does not present mainstream pieces but rather rarities of music literature.  Each year a new concert program is put together and put into practice. The program is diverse and contains old music, rare operas and dance productions.

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Execution example - Alpnach Exhibition

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Alpnach Norm and Alpnach Küchen the focus at the Swissbau Exhibition was on the history of the company. As the stand area was small, Habegger and its partner McKinivan made a virtue of necessity. Space was generated by means of mapping projection. 

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