Simon AckermannGroup Management
Chairman of the Board / CEO
Jürg SchwarzGroup Management
CSO, Deputy Managing Director
Richard DoneyGroup Management
Peter StreicherGroup Management
Managing Director Productions / Stv. CEO
David HaagGroup Management
Managing Director Event Technology
Achim KübertGroup Management
Managing Director System Integration
Martin BärtschiGroup Management
Managing Director Constructions
Samuel RöthlisbergerGroup Management
Executive Creative Director
Jürg UrferVenue Service
Head of Venue Service
Tibor FehleManaging Director
Thomas WesselyDirector Operations
Oliver KunzeProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Christian SajovicLeader Storage & Trucking
Kai SchefflerEvent Technology
Leader of Projects
Florian SidjanskiEvent Technology
Director Operations
Michel ZempEvent Technology
Branch Manager Bern
Jan AeschlimannVenue Service
Team Leader Hallenstadion Zürich
Jascha LipenskyVenue Service
Teamleader Venue Service
Thomas ProbstVenue Service
Team Leader Kursaal Bern
Daniel SchmidVenue Service
Teamleader Trafo Baden
Marc ForstnerSystem Integration
Director Operations
Thomas GautschiSystem Integration
Project Manager
Nicole BöniMarketing
Leader Marketing Communication
Cédric WalterHuman Resources
Responsible HR
Sandro MarazziFinances
Head of Finance
Rémy SchwarzServices
Head of Inhouse IT
Sebastian AbererProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Martin ApfelthalerProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Michael ArtnerProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Daniel FlorProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Richard HazodProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Manuel KhittlProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Severin MahrerProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Michael PöslProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Clemens RothProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Alexander SchagerlProject Development & Consulting
CRM / Marketing
Christoph TraunerProject Development & Consulting
Project Manager
Reinhard BittnerLighting Technician
Bernhard BlaschekEventengineering
Project Manager
Michael Martin BrosenbauerEventengineering
Trainee Event Technology
Lukas BrunederEventengineering
David DellefontEventengineering
Tim DemuthEventengineering
Trainee Event Technology
Hans DuchanEventengineering
Benjamin GrieblEventengineering
Trainee Event Technology
Georg HartlEventengineering
Deputy Head of Workshop
Mike HeidFreelancer
Thomas KlingEventengineering
Stefan KürzelProject Manager
Gerald LechnerEventengineering
Florian PajerEventengineering
Head of CAD and visualization
Jochen PraschlEventengineering
CRM / Projectdevelopment
Clemens RiedigerEventengineering
Project Manager, Freelancer
Manuel SchatzEventengineering
Andreas SerecAudio Technician
Leo Van KogelenbergEventengineering
Trainee Event Technology
Volkmar ZeilingerCamera Operator
Joe KrennVenue Service
Project Manager / Venues
Franz BlindenederServices
Leader Turntable
Predrag BorkovicServices
Crew Service
Sabrina LohnerServices
Project Coordination | CRM
Anna-Melina PlumServices
Crew Service
Wolfgang SchmellerlServices
Hedi BreitMarketing
Alexandra TraunerMarketing
Christian AsenbauerHardware, Storage & Logistics
Andreas BertlHardware, Storage & Logistics
Head of Workshop
Erwin BisanzHardware, Storage & Logistics
Logistics, Freelancer
Markus CytraHardware, Storage & Logistics
Deputy Division Manager Storage
Pineider HanspeterHardware, Storage & Logistics
Nebojsa IlicHardware, Storage & Logistics
Uli KassesHardware, Storage & Logistics
Paul LechnerHardware, Storage & Logistics
Head of material disposition
Erich LiepoltHardware, Storage & Logistics
André MartinsHardware, Storage & Logistics
Antonio RestelliHardware, Storage & Logistics
Daniel ScherhammerHardware, Storage & Logistics
Veronika MayerböckMedia Architecture, Freelancer
Rainer PuschnerAudio Production/ Sound Design, Freelancer
Sigi StützVideo and Film Production
Dagmar KunzeOffice / Finance
Lisa LeitgebFinance & Human Resources
Office Assistance
Simone PokornyFinance & Human Resources
Office Assistance
Jasmin HauserAssistant to Management
Fabio BurriConsulting
Key Account Manager
Anton DaubnerConsulting
Business Development Manager
Fabio De BartolomeisConsulting
Key account manager
Stefanie HermannConsulting
AV Alliance Network Coordinator
Peter ItemConsulting
Business Development Manager
Amy MenteleConsulting
Assistant of CSO
Andy RyterConsulting
Key Account Manager
Silvia SchiesserConsulting
Managing Customer Center
Andreas ZimmermannConsulting
Key Account Manager
Birgit BachmannProductions / Constructions
Project Developer
Jacob CervinkaProductions / Constructions
Project Manager
Giulia Da TosProductions / Constructions
Trainee Polydesign 3D
Philipp GlassProductions / Constructions
Project Manager
Anina LjaskowskyProductions / Constructions
Project Director
Mikel MarmetProductions / Constructions
Project Manager
Michael MarquardtProductions / Constructions
Project Manager
Ginette PernetProductions / Constructions
Project Director
Christoph SchnellerProductions / Constructions
Project Director
Francesco StendardoProductions / Constructions
Project Director
Thomas AbegglenEvent Technology
Head of Logistic
Sven BurgerEvent Technology
Project Manager
Daniel CescatoEvent Technology
Division Manager Rigging
Duri DarmsEvent Technology
Technical Manager
Pamela FasanoEvent Technology
Division Manager ICT
Chantal FrauenknechtEvent Technology
Apprentice Event Technician
Marc GlauserEvent Technology
Project Manager
Zoé GrünigEvent Technology
Apprentice Event Technician
Thomas HerdenerEvent Technology
Project Manager
Stefan JelkEvent Technology
Logistician ICT & Broadcast
Thomas KöglEvent Technology
Division Manager Broadcast
Nicolas KollerEvent Technology
Apprentice Event Technician
Konstantin KommnickEvent Technology
Division Manager Audio
Walter LiserraEvent Technology
Technical Manager
Meret MakkosEvent Technology
Employee Event Technology
Michael MantauEvent Technology
Division Manager Rigging
Eric Mc ArdellEvent Technology
Apprentice Event Technician
Jeremy MengeEvent Technology
Project Manager
Valeria PallottaEvent Technology
Mäni SchillingEvent Technology
Project Manager
Roland SchneggenburgerEvent Technology
Project Manager
Christian SchwarzEvent Technology
IT & Broadcast Equipment Allocation
Jonas SpörriEvent Technology
Trainee Audio
Beat StrasserEvent Technology
Project Manager
André StrebelEvent Technology
Project Manager
Thomas StrickerEvent Technology
Division Manager Video
Florian ThalmannEvent Technology
Project Manager
Enis UlucayEvent Technology
Trainee Audio
Steven VolkartEvent Technology
Employee Event Technology
Markus WegmannEvent Technology
Division Manager Video
Jan ZimmermannEvent Technology
Apprentice Event Technician
Michael BenzVenue Service
Venue Operator
Julio DertoniVenue Service
Technical Manager
Till DrechselVenue Service
Project Manager
Sabrina FraticelliVenue Service
Venue Operator
Gregory FriedliVenue Service
Venue Operator
Yannic FriedliVenue Service
Venue Operator
Lutz GrimmVenue Service
Project Manager
Joachim HiltbrunnerVenue Service
Venue Operator
Mark KohlerVenue Service
Project Manager
Kristof MareelsVenue Service
Venue Operator
Martin MedingVenue Service
Operations Manager Venue Service
Philip SchaadVenue Service
Venue Operator
David SeilerVenue Service
Venue Operator
Christian von ArxVenue Service
Project Manager
Ronny WiduchVenue Service
Project Manager
Yanick ZumsteinVenue Service
Venue Operator
Andreas ZwahlenVenue Service
Project Manager
Yasin AydemirSystem Integration
IT / DS Supporter
Michael BergerSystem Integration
System Developer
Katrin BrunnerSystem Integration
Operations Manager
Marco FiorettiSystem Integration
Project Manager
Andreas GehringSystem Integration
Project Manager
Florian GrobSystem Integration
Monteur, Service Technician
Adrian KälinSystem Integration
Monteur, Service Technician
Georg LehmannSystem Integration
Project Manager
Daniel RuossSystem Integration
Supervising Installer
Matthias SchmidSystem Integration
AV Planner
Jaemie ElsasserStudios
Trainee Polydesign 3D
Raphael EtterStudios
Media Producer
Marion HäringStudios
Trainee Studios
Gian Marco HeilmannStudios
Caroline MérierStudios
Creative Consultant
Christoph RunneStudios
Teamleader Events
Marion SchneiderStudios
Teamleader Scenography
Taco van der LuijtStudios
Graphic Designer
Christel WernerStudios
Frédéric PrinzMarketing
Marketing Communication Manager
Robert FrankeHuman Resources
Facility Manager
Erik FuscoHuman Resources
Sabine LehnerHuman Resources
Responsible HR Administration
Monika FerrariFinances
Jennifer KollerFinances
Finance Accounting
Raffael TonollaFinances
Strategic Purchaser
Claudio FerrariServices
IT Services Staff
Attila SokiServices
Software Developer
Tilmann StobbeServices
trainee IT
Joyce HophanPersonnel Deployment
Leader Personal Allocation
Jenny SchenkPersonnel Deployment
Support Personel Deployment
Nina WesterbeekPersonnel Deployment
Personal allocation


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