Light Planning

Light is much more than the absence of darkness. Utilised in the right way it not only illuminates generally but is capable of shaping the enactment process. Light guides our vision, changes perspectives, captivates and fills us with wonder. For this reason we plan light concepts tailored to your needs in close collaboration with architects. Our strengths also include project-specific luminaire design and development.

Execution example – Ebianum

EBIANUM opened its doors on the 15th of May in Fisibach and showcases the history of Eberhard with the motto «Remember, understand, inform, experience, discover and take a look into the future». The EBIANUM offers a big, divisible event hall, which has a capacity for up to 750 people as well as an inviting foyer with a bistro and a bar.

In the role of the consultant, Habegger took over the conception and planning of the design of the spatial division as well as the interior design. The museum's scenography of the company's history and its implementation were also part of Habegger's remit. In addition Habegger was responsible for the planning of the light and AV of the whole building.

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Execution example – Mar de LED

This permanent light installation consists of 14,500 LED´s, which can all be controlled individually and which feed the light into a bundle of optical fibres. The pipes with the bundles of optical fibres have a length between 80 and 180 centimetres. Those elements are distributed in an area of 1000 square metres and installed on a double floor, under which are LED chips.

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