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The playful aspect nourished by haptic, gesture and touch raises the level of interest. This makes it possible to process information better and more sustainable. We provide interactive solutions that can be used in many contexts, whether it is for developing apps and living experience exhibits, for gauging visitor behaviour, or for programming prototypes.

Execution example – VERTU interactive Brand Book

A book with unprinted pages that tells a story nevertheless? Sounds illogical...yet the interactive Brand Book manages precisely that.

Instead of printed text, the book is depicted using a video projection. Each page can be pre-recorded with an individual text. A video appears on the reflective wall located in front of the reader, and corresponds to the text and specific page of the book. The content of the book along with the videos on the reflective wall can be changed at any time. Habegger AG carried out the feasibility study, development and programming on behalf of VERTU. Today, the Brand Book can be found in the VERTU flagship stores in London, Shanghai, Singapore and Los Angeles.

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Execution example – Migros Orange Garden

Close to the “Park in the green” in Rueschlikon, an interactive experience about the history of Migros was established. The orange garden invites the visitor to explore different topics and the garden´s planting, which has orange accents throughout the year.

In the centre of the garden, you can find a pavilion with a digital museum in which you can participate. The “shelf of history” is a screen, on which visitors can control the content with gestures. In addition, you can browse for contemporary documents with finger movements and object recognition on a 4sqm multi-touch-table. The Green Box, the Face-to-face-mirror, a film pool and a digital window from which you can see the garden are part of the interactive installation.

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