Audio & Video Installation

Audio and video installations are a central part of modern architectural design. This kind of technical equipment is necessary for interior spaces to fulfil their intended functions. Both the interplay between the various technologies and their user-friendliness are critical for the overall effect. With responsibility for the overall project we shall be in charge of the entire management, coordination and communication between the media technologies  and we will work with  you all the way to completion. If necessary we will also take on the maintenance of the installations.

Execution example – Nagra TIME RIDE

With its special exhibition TIME RIDE, Nagra (National Association for Storing Radioactive Waste) took visitors on a journey into the depths of the earth. A lift with a 270-degree projection was developed to give the audience a closer look at the different stages in the earth's history. A film animated the journey to the earth's depths and through the different epochs of the earth's history. The lift was part of a tour during which Nagra provided information about the underground storage of radioactive waste.

Habegger AG was contracted by Bellprat Associates AG to provide the surround sound as well as the entire media control system for the exhibition.

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Execution example – Jura World of Coffee

After over year of construction the Jura World of Coffee opened up on the 30th of September 2006. In commission of Implenia AG, Habegger's project department planned and installed the audio and video facilities and the media control system, which was used for the interactive exhibition, the HD cinema and the event hall. In addition, Habegger took care of the scenographic lighting in the exhibition area and the acoustic evacuation system in the building.

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