Building Consultancy

Every building project is preceded by feasibility and design studies. In our role as building consultants we prepare a bill of quantities that defines all relevant recommendations and specifications related to construction and technical aspects. We prepare the ideal planning and implementation basis in order to guarantee impeccable operations.

Execution example – The Circle

To backlit big prints is not a big thing. It gets challenging if it should look real. This was exactly the right challenge for Habegger, which we took on by order of MCC. For this, we developed a new LED Backlite canvas. It allows for the image of the sea at the beach house of Baume & Mercier to look so authentic that you can even see real sun shadows on the 100sqm big print. The sea is almost touchable, the booth clearly enhanced. The new LED Backlite canvas makes the image luminous; it is dimmable and does not produce heat, takes up less space than normal neon tubes and less personnel.

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Execution example – Ebianum

EBIANUM opened its doors on the 15th of May in Fisibach and showcases the history of Eberhard with the motto «Remember, understand, inform, experience, discover and take a look into the future». The EBIANUM offers a big, divisible event hall, which has a capacity for up to 750 people as well as an inviting foyer with a bistro and a bar.

In the role of the consultant, Habegger took over the conception and planning of the design of the spatial division as well as the interior design. The museum's scenography of the company's history and its implementation were also part of Habegger's remit. In addition Habegger was responsible for the planning of the light and AV of the whole building.

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