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As a background for stage and event space, 22 different panel motifs are based on a modular design and offer a wide range of possible combinations. Whether suspended as a background, standing as a SuperWall or installed as a column - the individual modules stimulate creative top performances. Lightweight construction and design allow for a cost-saving transport volume as well as rapid set-up and dismantling. The modules are continually reusable for a strong portion of sustainability.

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3-dimensional experience

With lights set right, the panels allow a whole new depth of visual experience. These unforgettable set designs will be retained on long terme.

Utilisation flexible

Qu‘il s‘agisse d‘un mur photo, d‘un pupitre, d‘un séparateur d‘espace ou d’un backdrop - les ATOMIC Rental Solutions sont applicables individuellement, donnent une grande liberté à la conception d’espace/de scène et s’adaptent de manière flexible aux conditions techniques.

Unlimited combination

Let your creativity run wild and create new worlds of experience. 22 different panels offer diverse possibilities of combination and allow new tolerance in staging.

quick and uncomplicated

The modular system is easy to handle as well as fast set-up and dismantled. ATOMIC Rental Solutions build your stage sets and set designs up to 10 times faster.

compact logistics

The panels require a minimum of space and can simply be transported from A to B. Thanks to their compact design, their storability will save you a lot of storage space.

minimal manpower requirements

The simple click system enables a set up with low personnel costs.


ATOMIC Rental Solutions is created as a sustainable system. The panels can be re-used as desired. Their use contribute directly to environmental protection.

cost saving

The benefits of ATOMIC Rental Solutions reduce your costs in stage and set construction.

example of use – ATOMIC-Panel «Wafer»

With ATOMIC panels "Wafer" you create deep experiences for the eye. In addition to the bent LED wall, a flown stage image, deposited with "FROSTY", offers additional area for projections.

Infinite flexibility

Whether as a stage, lectern, projection surfaces or as information transfer. An individual design concept for the entire event.

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