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As one of the leading service providers in the field, Habegger completes more than 1,800 events, exhibits and architectural productions both at home and abroad.


The creative team at habegger has mastered the art of dramaturgical conceptual design from content preparation to film production including all areas of staging experiences.



We assume responsibility for consulting, planning and implementing national and international projects. You can rely on the creativity, competence and reliability of our specialists.



Our strength is to recognise customer needs and develop tailor-made solutions. As partners and consultants we guarantee a professional implementation of your project.


Awards for Habegger

2016 XAVER Special Award - - Re-Taste Journey
2015 Austrian Event Award 1. Best Supplier Performance Tosca 2015 - Oper im Steinbruch
2015 XAVER Gold Award 1. Best Supplier Services Leichtathletik EM 2014
2014 Samsung Smart Signage Award 3. - Digital Signage Hallenstadion ZH
2014 Swiss Export Award 1. Step-in Projekte in Katar
2013 SVIK Silberne Feder 2. Elektr. interne Kommunikation AXA TV
2013 XAVER Publikumspreis - - STV Gala 2012
2011 Edi.11 Shortlist Imagefilme Pfadi Winterthur
2011 XAVER Gold Award 1. Best Supplier Art on Ice 2010
2010 XAVER Gold Award 1. Best Supplier IIHF World Championship
2010 XAVER Silber Award 2. Best Supplier Génome
2009 XAVER Gold Award 1. Best Supplier UBS Arena UEFA Euro 2008
2009 XAVER Bronze Award 3. Best Supplier BMW Roadshow Middle East
2009 SVIK Goldene Feder 1. Elektr. interne Kommunikation Chevrolet Edutainment-Video
2009 Ottocar Gold 1. In-house Training Chevrolet Edutainment-Video
2008 XAVER Bronze Award 3. Best Supplier 100 Jahre Schweiz. Nationalbank
2008 Ottocar Silber 2. In-house Training Chevrolet Behind the scenes
2006 Golden Artist 1. Holcim Imagefilm
2004 Celebrationpoint-Award 1. Eventtechnik

Company History

2014Habegger took over the material pool of Multisound Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH and MediaSolution Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH.
2014Habegger opens branch office in Doha, Qatar and Milan, Italy-
2013Habegger AG established company branch in Berne.
2013The Parkgroup Holding collected 100% of the shares of Habegger AG, Simon Ackermann joined as president of the board of directors at the Parkgroup Holding.
2013Habegger GmbH integrated Eventamt Veranstaltungsmanagement GmbH
2012The «Habegger GmbH» near Vienna is established.
The take-over of SIVision Broadcast GmbH. Habegger is now able to support international sports and event productions at the highest quality level, with their own production engineering equipment.

Peter Habegger withdraws as shareholder. Christof Murer, Jürg Schwarz und Sandro Marazzi become shareholders. Habegger AG will be integrated into the Dialogfeld Communication Group. Simon Ackermann becomes Chairman of the Board.

Sandro Marazzi (Head of Finance), Samuel Roethlisberger (Head of Scenography/Director) and André Baumann (Head of Exhibition Architecture) were appointed to the Board. Shareholders Peter Habegger and Simon Ackermann form the Board.
Fusion with Bluepark AG to expand in the realm of film and scenography.
Peter Habegger hands over the company management to Christof Murer (CEO) and Jürg Schwarz (Assistant CEO)
2005Extension of activities to architectural and fixed installations.

Name change to «Habegger AG». Outsourcing of the hardware business and construction of a customer centre that expresses a strong client focus and an emphasis on design, concept and engineering services.
Move into the new premises in Regensdorf near Zurich. The new logistics centre becomes the largest hardware pool in Switzerland. 
Name change to «Habegger Media Performance» on account of the established market position as a Full-Service Provider for events. 
Building of a recording studio and several video editing suites. Foundation of the post-production and media design departments. 
Strategic decision to become a complete service provider for light, sound and video, rigging, laser and multi-media. 
1990Conversion to a limited company «Habegger Laser AG».
1982The sole trader «Audio Video Habegger» is established.

General terms and conditions

Here you can find the terms and conditions from Habegger AG.

Facts & Figures

  • 160 Full time employees

  • 200 Employees working each day incl. freelancers

  • 30 Years of experience

  • 16% Annual growth (10-year average)

  • 1,800 Projects annually for 520 customers


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