CO2 offsets for habegger events

We are offering you the opinion of activating a CO2e offset for your project. This includes both the transportation of materials and electricity consumption. The offset amount will be established in the initial offer and is listed as an option in the cost summary. The amount will be invested 1:1 in renewable energy.

Tibor Fehle

The CO2e greenhouse gas potential generated at events will be turned into an investment in renewable forms of energy through our actions. Habegger wants to make a contribution to ensuring that in the future, more investment will be made in generating renewable energy.

This is why we channel the offset contributions, which are listed separately in our offers, into the creation of sustainable and clean regional, decentralised energy.

The fee will be invested in planning and construction of the 6th wind turbine of Wind Farm Munderfing.

We are committed to protect the environment.

Calculation of CO2 compensation

Calculation of transporting material

The CO2e emissions per transported tonne are an average annual value. They are calculated based on the annual transport volume in relation to the total kilometres travelled by our vehicle fleet. The exact emissions of the individual transportation for each event – in other words the effective distance covered – are not listed individually in our calculation. We use an average distance of all the projects. The effective emissions amount is not re-calculated in retrospect, that is to say after the event.

Basis = Annual emissions determined by distance covered: CO2e emissions (t/year) = distance covered (km/year) x tonnes (CO2e/km)
CO2e emissions (t) = CO2e emissions (t/year) / transported weight (t/year) x offered weight (t)
Compensation (EUR) = CO2e emissions (t) x 20.00 (EUR/t)

Calculation of electricity consumption

The CO2e emissions are determined by the connection loads of the required electrical outlets and the average length of operation. These are established beforehand to ensure that a calculation is possible. The electricity consumption and the devices in use together with their empirical values related to the period of use are used as a base. The effective electricity consumption is not re-calculated in retrospect, that is to say after the event.

CO2e emissions (t) = connection load (kW) x length of operation (h) x tonnes (CO2e/kWh)*
Compensation (EUR) = CO2e emissions (t) x 20.00 (EUR/t)

*Austrian electrical current mix

The Wind Farm Munderfing (german only)

Projektziel - 100% erneuerbare Energie für die Gemeinde Munderfing

Ziel der Gemeinde Munderfing ist es, so viel erneuerbare Energie zu erzeugen, wie sie selbst verbraucht. 2005 hat der Gemeinderat den Beschluss dafür einstimmig gefasst und setzte dabei primär auf Windenergie. Der Gemeinde gehören drei Viertel des 2014 errichteten ersten kommunalen Windparks in Österreich (5 Anlagen, in Summe 15 MW).  Zur Erreichung des «100 % Erneuerbare-Energie-Ziels» ist ein sechstes Windrad vom Typ Vestas V126 mit einer Nabenhöhe von 137 m geplant. Die CO2-Kompensationszahlungen von unseren Kunden sind ein Beitrag zu den Planungs- und Errichtungskosten der Gemeinde, die bei ihrem Weg zur Energiewende an ihre finanziellen Grenzen gestossen ist.

Das kommunale Windrad - so funktioniert's

Der von den Windkraftanlagen erzeugte Strom wird direkt in das öffentliche Stromnetz eingespeist. Ein Windrad erzeugt Strom für ca. 2.000 Haushalte. 

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Habegger assisted the Cooperative Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plant in the form of investments.


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