Film Productions

Ready, set, action! Practically no other medium is capable of transporting messages in the same significant, exciting, informative and emotional way as films do. We assume responsibility for the screen-play, camera, cutting, sound design, animation and post-production process. You define the message.

Execution example – Burckhardt Compression

With the new image film Burckhardt Compression shows that they are not only the biggest producer of reciprocation compressors, but also that they, with an extensive service and high-quality components, offer everything necessary for a reciprocation compressor's life span. Habegger implemented a 3.5-minute long image film during a year in close collaboration with “Burckhardt Compression”.

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Execution example – TKB Imagefilm

The Thurgauer Kantonalbank (TKB) wanted to produce an image film, which transmitted the values of their bank. Further, they wanted to illustrate their close relationship with their clients and to the Canton Thurgau and its surrounding areas. Habegger produced the film, which included the storyboard, writing the script, the cutting, and colour grading.

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